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Gather + Give

Bring your community together to support Mary’s Place

Our new gifting option

Tribe, community, circle, squad… no matter what you call them, the people in our lives are important. They bring joy, love, and purpose to our days. And there’s almost nothing better than sharing our passions with them.


That desire to share what we care about is what inspired our new Gather + Give program. 

Gather + Give Fundraising Option from Ma

Gather + Give creates the opportunity to share the blessing of Mary’s Place with your friends and family. The resources below give you everything you start your own charitable campaign, which raises awareness for our mission and supports our residents.


And the best part is, you can hold a campaign in honor moments that hold a special place in your heart.


You can bring the community together to support and sustain our mission. Creating your own Gather + Give campaign is a wonderful way to celebrate a holiday, a special event, or even a person you love.

Get started by downloading these resources to gather your community and give to Mary’s Place:

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