“Love begins at home,

and it is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the action that we do.”

-Mother Teresa

We officially reached- and exceeded- our GivingTuesday goal on December 1st. Because of your generosity, we raised a total of $27,185 for Mary's Place. And it's all because of YOU.

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From your home to ours

Our GivingTuesday campaign this year is inspired by the words of Mother Teresa. It’s easy to feel helpless in 2020, but even if you're at home because of the coronavirus, you can still have a major impact in the lives of vulnerable mothers. Your gift will directly support moms and babies in the local Pittsburgh community by helping us create a safe, loving home where they can thrive.

Every dollar donated will be used to support our mission and programs. This includes:

Providing a safe haven and loving home for our mothers and their babies.

Ensuring the sweet babies who live at Mary’s Place have a cozy crib to sleep in, an inspiring nursery to play in and the basic needs to stay healthy during development. 

Giving our residents  the resources they need to  build a better life for themselves and future generations. 

A generous donor has agreed to a $10,000 fundraising match. Don't miss this opportunity- help us reach our goal on December 1st!

GivingTuesday 2020

So, will you join us for GivingTuesday on December 1st? Here are some action tips:

  1. Mark your calendar and tell your friends!

  2. Sign up for our newsletter. You’ll receive reminders and updates as the campaign moves forward.

  3. Follow us on social media! On GivingTuesday, you’ll see updates in real-time.

  4. Commit. Send us an email letting us know you’re planning on donating online on Dec. 1st! Everyone who commits before GivingTuesday will be added to our Gratitude Board and prayed for by our staff.

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PS. You’ll also receive a limited-time Mary’s Place sticker when you donate online on December 1st!

Don't miss your chance to spread a message of love and life.

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