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Resident Testimony

"It's like I died and went to heaven that's how comfortable I was at Mary's place, long story short when I first heard about it via social media I was scared but just by making that phone call that warm welcome I got I knew I had made the right choice, the staff are well trained to make u feel at home and secure, the environment is to die for, clean and safe for both children and mother's you don't just go you learn different things weather it's art and craft, cooking, seeking employment or being the best mother Mary's place is a life saver and I would do it all over again be sure to check them out if you feel you need a peace of mind Mary's place is where you should be. Kudos to the entire staff/team that loved me I call them my family my home away from home I left there with more knowledge and love. God bless Mary's place."

-Former Resident Testimony

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