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Volunteer Testimony

"I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to able to volunteer at Mary's place, meet the directors and I know the amazing people who own The building. The owners have given above and beyond with their time and money from their own pockets. The material goods have been provided for by the owners, volunteers and donors. Marys Place is aesthetically beautiful, but more importantly the dignity that the women and their children are treated with is superior. The owners volunteer their time to care for the women, heart, mind soul., The women and children who stay have a lovely outdoor space to play, walk, relax... all with donated furniture and landscaped by the volunteers and owners. Mary's Place. The facility and the people involved are an inspiration to all who take the time to be a part of the mission. Go Mary’s Place!"

-Mary's Place Volunteer

Woman Baking

Foodie Fridays

Would you like to make a meal for our mothers?  You can do this individually or with a group.  Drop it off or cook with our moms, they love learning a new recipe or a tried and true one, your choice!
Green Garden


We are looking for volunteers to help with gardening duties such as planting flowers around our home, beautifying the Blessed Mother Grotto with fresh plants and flowers and helping our moms in our new herb garden.
Woman with a Pencil

Creative Classes

Our programming includes creative classes as an outlet to everyday stresses. If you have a creative talent, come teach a class for our moms. Some examples include ceramics, painting, sewing, and holiday crafts.
Vintage Carousel


Our moms work hard on a daily basis and enjoy getting out of the house once in awhile. If you enjoy this too, we would love your help planning and accompanying our moms and babies to cultural attractions like the zoo, museums, live entertainment or local fairs.

Provide A Ride

Our moms do not have their own car and are often in need of a ride to doctor’s appointments, job interviews, therapy or educational classes.  Spending time in the car is a great way to get to know our moms and share the love of God with them.


We are in need of volunteers to help with fundraising, planning special events,  grant writing and marketing.  Do you have experience in these areas and a few hours to share with us to help further the mission of Mary’s Place?
Cleaning Materials


It takes quite the crew to maintain a home.  Our beautiful residence is in need of some regular TLC and we always appreciate help with deep cleaning and/or organizing.  If you like this kind of work, please join us to help make our home shine!
Holding Hands

Social Services

Do you have experience in social services and would like to help our mothers along their journey? They often need help applying for assistance through other organizations and programs, general counseling, job training and more.

Baby Love 

Sometimes our moms need an hour or two for selfcare, to do laundry, organize their room or do homework. If you are a woman with infant care experience, you might love helping our moms by watching their babies at Mary's Place, so mom can have a small break.
Office Work

Teach A Life Skill

Come share your valuable talent or life skill with our residents.  We hold classes once a week for an hour to instruct on topics such as financial basics, parenting, health and wellness,  goal setting and more.
Smiling Volunteers

Ambassador Club

We are looking for volunteers to help spread the word. Become a part of our Ambassador Club and you can help spread the mission in your community. 
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Host A Drive

Organize your church, school or social group to provide the basic items that our moms and babies need on a daily basis. We will be glad to share our current needs. For more information contact Denise at
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