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  • Emotional Support

  • Life Skills 

Mary's Place is a loving home for vulnerable pregnant and parenting women. Mary's Place encourages prayer, reflection and participation in community living. 
Mary's Place provides household goods and baby basics essentials. We guide our mothers to individually budget for their baby's needs and lay the foundation for future stability.
Mary's Place provides support in an environment of reverence and love. We walk with women on their journey to help strengthen, support, and empower them to be exceptional mothers.
Mary's Place promotes the inherent dignity of each mother and child by scheduling weekly life skills classes that educate our moms in basic parenting skills, budgeting and financial knowledge, home management and more.
A day in the life of a Mary's Place resident focuses on personal discipline by reinforcing successful habits through morning routines, daily household responsibilities, and participation in career or furthering education classes. Gathering each evening for dinnertime helps establish tradition and nurtures the importance of spending time together, while strengthening the bond between mother and baby. Mary's Place is a home for personal reflection, community interaction and future life planning for a mother and her baby.

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Pittsburgh, PA 15226

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