President: Richard Hetland 

Vice President/Volunteers: Marilyn Hans

Secretary: Dana Calhoun

Fundraising: Chris McMahon

Communications: Molly McMahon

Communications: Colleen Kuhn

Facilities: Megan Grefenstette

Facilties: Paige Hetland 

Legal: Paul Giuffre

Marketing/Outreach: Barbara Davidson

Marketing/Outreach: Gwen Wisniewski

Community/Parish Outreach: Christine Hetland 

Community/Parish Outreach: Sue David 

Advisory: Sr. Catherine Marie

Advisory: Sr. Monica Faustina

Board of Directors 

President: Richard Hetland 

Vice President: Marilyn Hans

Secretary: Dana Calhoun

Chris McMahon

Molly McMahon

Colleen Kuhn

Megan Grefenstette

Paige Hetland 

Paul Giuffre

Barbara Davidson

Gwen Wisniewski

Christine Hetland 

Sue David 

Sr. Catherine Marie

Sr. Monica Faustina

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